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Q: What is college recruit?

In college athletics, recruiting is the process whereby college coaches add prospective student athlete to their roster each off-season. Recruiting typically involves a coach extending an athletic scholarship offer to a player who is about to graduate from high school. During this recruiting process, most schools try hard to comply with recruiting bylaws that support the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) underlying principles of fairness and integrity. The rules define who may be involved in the recruiting process, when recruiting may occur and the conditions under which recruiting may be conducted.

In order to be considered a “recruited prospective student-athlete,” athletes must be approached by a college coach or representative about participating in that college’s athletic program. NCAA guidelines specify how and when they can be contacted. Letters, telephone calls and in-person conversations are limited to certain frequency and dates during and after the junior year.

Q: What does The Agency College Recruit (TACR) do?

We assist our junior players to reach their goal of being an athletic scholar student.  To find the best schools and scholarships that fit each player can be a very frustrating process. That’s where we come in as a personal consultant to guide our soon-to-be college student athletes to narrow down their choice of schools and distribute personal information to prospective coaches. Moreover, there are many NCAA regulations to be considered along the way. We help to ensure that each of our players comply with all the rules and will not have any issues during the recruiting process.

Q: How can TACR help you?

We are a one-stop-service recruiting agency in Thailand. We will work with our student athletes from the beginning of their recruiting period and/or until they find the university that fit their needs. Our service includes NCAA registration, online resume via personal webpage, SAT and TOEFL tutor recommendations, document checklist and follow ups, personal information distribution to member institutions across the USA and etc.

Q: Why TACR?

Our team consists of former college players who shared the same intention to help promote college sports and education among Thai players by guiding them onto the right path from the beginning till the end. We have direct experience as we have been there before, as juniors and college players, so athletic recruiting is not something new to us. Thousands of superior athletes are overlooked every year due to lack of exposure. To help yourself be recruited, you need to work with experienced and reputable sport marketing service like TACR.

Q: TACR’s mission

Our mission is to provide an alternative path for junior players. We believe education is a crucial part of their future.  To be on an athletic team in the U.S. gives juniors the opportunity to compete in a sport they love and have an education at the same time. Playing at the collegiate level requires great physical and mental skills that players will acquire from the systems of training from their schools. This will help them prepare to compete in professional levels in the future as well.